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Street fairs

foldingsuplex: bob and i went to midsommarfest today. it was gay.
lucahack: was it gay?
foldingsuplex: it was f’n GAY
lucahack: I thought it was supposed to be scandinavian
foldingsuplex: yeah, i thought so too. but it turned out to be mostly gay dudes with their shirts off.
lucahack: I guess it turned out to be scandiGAYvian

Daily Hey Magic Number: 3

Sugar shock

lucahack: I am jumping out of my skin over here
IIIobservedIII: you need to think some happy thoughts dude
lucahack: . o O ( boobies )
IIIobservedIII: heeh – that looks nothing like boobies
lucahack: that’s “boobies” in a thought cloud
IIIobservedIII: hahah
IIIobservedIII: that’s funny
lucahack: I need to stop eating candy

Daily Hey Magic Number: 5

Music is inside us

foldingsuplex: i am thinking of investing in a usb-midi keyboard
lucahack: thinking of making the music?
lucahack: you got the music in you?
foldingsuplex: we shall see
foldingsuplex: i am thinking of making the noises
lucahack: I just made a noise right now if you get my drift
foldingsuplex: quality

Daily Hey Magic Number: 6


lucahack: the ending of Thelma & Louise makes no sense to me
lucahack: why wouldn’t they want to go to prison, where they could have all the lesbian sex they obviously want?
hmssucktoad: hmmm.
hmssucktoad: male chauvinist prison guards?
lucahack: there are female prison guards
hmssucktoad: right but the very chauvinist male guards would ruin all the fun…?
hmssucktoad: Isn’t Harvey Keitel around? I’d drive off a cliff.
lucahack: but Harvey Keitel is so non-threatening in this movie
hmssucktoad: Are you kidding? Every scene you just sit there, waiting for him to whip out his (contractual) penis.
lucahack: he’s just a teddy bear
lucahack: with a penis

Daily Hey Magic Number: 7


StoneCo1dCrazy: But I need nicotine!
lucahack: patches, baby
StoneCo1dCrazy: no, smokes!
lucahack: nicotine suppositories!
StoneCo1dCrazy: EEWWW!
lucahack: that would make it easy to quit
lucahack: or hard to quit
lucahack: depending on whether you like things up your ass
StoneCo1dCrazy: heh

Daily Hey Magic Number: 8

Special super sparkly

lucahack: not just choir. SHOWchoir.
IIIobservedIII: what is that, like, special super choir?
lucahack: it’s a choir that wears sparkly outfits and dances
IIIobservedIII: hehehe :-) :-) :-) :-)
IIIobservedIII: did you get to keep any of the sparkly outfits?
lucahack: we had to buy them
lucahack: so yes
IIIobservedIII: ooooh!!
IIIobservedIII: that’s awesome
IIIobservedIII: so, like, do you have a sparkly top hat?
lucahack: no top hats
IIIobservedIII: (sound of my heart breaking)

Daily Hey Magic Number: 9

The foe spiral

Samorama76: you need a life
lucahack: life is my enemy
lucahack: death is my buddy
lucahack: ah, sweet release
lucahack: I’m joking now, but I’ll step out of the building and get hit by a bus
lucahack: which will make it all doubly tragic
lucahack: fucking buses
lucahack: fucking Buseys
lucahack: fucking Shasta McNasty
Samorama76: well, that sucks!

Daily Hey Magic Number: 10

Graphic design

lucahack: I had a dream once where a professor chastised me in front of the class for swearing during a group discussion
lucahack: a professor who in actuality swore in class regularly
lucahack: so in effect I was making myself feel guilty about his language
A Creamsicle: it’s the puritan in you
lucahack: “got any puritan in you? want some?”
lucahack: hmm… that line doesn’t work
A Creamsicle: only at a very intellectually ironic level
lucahack: “got any music in you? want some?” works better
lucahack: it should be on a concert poster
lucahack: although it is relatively innocuous
A Creamsicle: depends on the graphic
lucahack: a penis-shaped microphone
A Creamsicle: it would be even better on the radio
lucahack: an acoustic guitar with a vagina in the center

Daily Hey Magic Number: 31


Samorama76: do you know of any theatres that are showing the star trek movie at midnite tonite?
lucahack: what am I, some kind of nerd?
Samorama76: um
Samorama76: actually
Samorama76: dude, you left yr pocket protector over here last time
lucahack: hahhahahahaha cough

Daily Hey Magic Number: 32

Strategic business naming

Samorama76: i need a name for a cat sitting service
lucahack: things are tough all over
lucahack: “Things Are Tough All Over Catsitting Service”
lucahack: “Sam-Meow-Rama”
Samorama76: that’s catchy
lucahack: “Catbutt Catsitters”
lucahack: “Meow Chix”
Samorama76: groan
lucahack: “Purr Grrrls”
lucahack: “Sexxy Samm’s Blowjob and Catsitting Service”
Samorama76: i dunno if that will go over well

Daily Hey Magic Number: 16


Chelsea B.: i just saw mullholland drive.
Chelsea B.: i don’t get it
lucahack: the thing to remember is that the chick is actually a dude
Chelsea B.: what?
lucahack: oh hang on, that’s the crying game
Chelsea B.: oh, shut up

Daily Hey Magic Number: 18