Special super sparkly

lucahack: not just choir. SHOWchoir.
IIIobservedIII: what is that, like, special super choir?
lucahack: it’s a choir that wears sparkly outfits and dances
IIIobservedIII: hehehe :-) :-) :-) :-)
IIIobservedIII: did you get to keep any of the sparkly outfits?
lucahack: we had to buy them
lucahack: so yes
IIIobservedIII: ooooh!!
IIIobservedIII: that’s awesome
IIIobservedIII: so, like, do you have a sparkly top hat?
lucahack: no top hats
IIIobservedIII: (sound of my heart breaking)

Daily Hey Magic Number: 9

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