lucahack: the ending of Thelma & Louise makes no sense to me
lucahack: why wouldn’t they want to go to prison, where they could have all the lesbian sex they obviously want?
hmssucktoad: hmmm.
hmssucktoad: male chauvinist prison guards?
lucahack: there are female prison guards
hmssucktoad: right but the very chauvinist male guards would ruin all the fun…?
hmssucktoad: Isn’t Harvey Keitel around? I’d drive off a cliff.
lucahack: but Harvey Keitel is so non-threatening in this movie
hmssucktoad: Are you kidding? Every scene you just sit there, waiting for him to whip out his (contractual) penis.
lucahack: he’s just a teddy bear
lucahack: with a penis

Daily Hey Magic Number: 7

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