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History has made me a liar.

A return to former lateness

So I’ve decided to start writing in this thing again. I figured it was time to take my brain out of mothballs and start ‘er up for old times’ sake. I figure my angle here can be: grad student is perpetually flummoxed by his experiences at school for post-industrial design. Grad student has secret public outlet which he is certain nobody ever looks at anyway, unless they have performed a Google search for some tawdriness which coincidentally happens to share five words with something I wrote several years ago. Grad student sees opportunity to express feelings, tell stories, achieve catharsis.

It does seem unlikely that I’ll be able to write frequently. Perhaps I should rename the blog Infrequent Drawings of Girls in Tanktops and be done with it. But you never know.

can you hear this? well, I guess I'll just have to TURN IT UP

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