Graphic design

lucahack: I had a dream once where a professor chastised me in front of the class for swearing during a group discussion
lucahack: a professor who in actuality swore in class regularly
lucahack: so in effect I was making myself feel guilty about his language
A Creamsicle: it’s the puritan in you
lucahack: “got any puritan in you? want some?”
lucahack: hmm… that line doesn’t work
A Creamsicle: only at a very intellectually ironic level
lucahack: “got any music in you? want some?” works better
lucahack: it should be on a concert poster
lucahack: although it is relatively innocuous
A Creamsicle: depends on the graphic
lucahack: a penis-shaped microphone
A Creamsicle: it would be even better on the radio
lucahack: an acoustic guitar with a vagina in the center

Daily Hey Magic Number: 31

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