Joementum is conserved

Lucas Blue: so I’ve been thinking about the politics
Lucas Red: oh?
Lucas Blue: and have found myself falling into despair
Lucas Red: is this about the Quinnipac poll that came out yesterday?
Lucas Blue: partly
Lucas Red: dude, Lamont’s on the upswing. Lieberman’s numbers can only get worse.
Lucas Blue: even so
Lucas Blue: it’s pretty disheartening to consider that a rising wonder can beat a deeply entrenched incumbent in a primary and then have to run against him again in the general
Lucas Blue: I mean, what is that shit?
Lucas Red: Joe thinks he has the votes
Lucas Red: and for whatever reason, the Republicans are playing along
Lucas Blue: the Connecticut Republicans are looking at all this and saying, “hmm… isn’t this… interesting.”
Lucas Red: their ability to organize continues to astound me
Lucas Blue: authoritarians are more organized by their nature
Lucas Blue: not so much with the arguing and suchlike
Lucas Blue: which is another thing that gets me down, the media in unison started characterizing Lamont as an extreme left-winger
Lucas Red: and the “blogosphere” in general
Lucas Blue: which is totally stupid. You don’t have to be an extreme liberal to post to a message board. You don’t have to be an extreme liberal to point out that the current administration is run by corrupt, willfully incompetent nincompoops who care only about their contributors
Lucas Red: and who think we’re long past due for the apocalypse, so they sure as shit aren’t going to waste any resources on trying to stop the state of the world from going to hell
Lucas Blue: “wings” are totally beside the point now. now it’s mostly about not being a fucking prick.
Lucas Red: now, now. There’s nothing wrong with assholes as long as they get the job done.
Lucas Blue: it’s a balance one must strike
Lucas Blue: with just the right amount of asshole in you, you can succeed yet be well-loved
Lucas Blue: (see: Dr. House)
Lucas Red: Vinegar Joe tipped the scales a little too openly and got caught
Lucas Blue: it’s very strange. His voting record may not have made him a Republican, but his campaign tactics surely did.
Lucas Red: well, no matter what happens, just remember that at least we’ll still have Stewart and Colbert.
Lucas Blue: that’s somewhat reassuring, although it won’t make gas any cheaper or the environment any cleaner
Lucas Red: at least you’ll still have schticks to rip off
Lucas Blue: I am NOT ripping off Formidable Opponent! (Jim!)
Lucas Blue: although I sort of am.
Lucas Blue: but since it is in the form of chat there will never be any cute moments such as those that occur when the camera shot switches to the other Stephen too early, so he’s still in the middle of the first Stephen’s
Lucas Red: line.
Lucas Red: oh, it can probably be done.
Lucas Blue: but it’s not so cute, is it?

Metaphor in disguise

blottobot and getwreckedicon

Lucas Blue: so I’ve been thinking about the Transformers
Lucas Red: oh?
Lucas Blue: and the parallels one can find in their story to world events both current and historical
Lucas Red: such as?
Lucas Blue: the Autobots get knocked around on Cybertron by the Decepticons
Lucas Blue: and then they say “fuck this shit” and take off for earth
Lucas Red: interesting
Lucas Red: where the Jews wandered the desert for forty years, the Autobots were inactive for several million years in their spaceship
Lucas Blue: Optimus Prime, reluctant leader = Moses, reluctant leader
Lucas Red: tablets of stone = matrix of leadership
Lucas Blue: Primus = YHWH
Lucas Red: space bridge = parting of the Red Sea
Lucas Red: sorta
Lucas Blue: IT ALL FITS
Lucas Blue: I also see connections with the political factions in today’s deeply divided America
Lucas Red: totally
Lucas Red: Autobots are Democrats
Lucas Red: peace-loving, environmentally conscious cut-and-runners
Lucas Blue: that makes Joe Lieberman a DINObot
Lucas Red: well, even the Autobots had their militant faction
Lucas Blue: and the Decepticons are Republicans
Lucas Blue: looking out for themselves, eyes on domination and destruction of enemies, and just a little bit more organized and “on message” than the opposition
Lucas Red: but ultimately incompetent
Lucas Red: Megatron’s secretary of defense: Starscream
Lucas Blue: ha! his secretary of state was Soundwave but he replaced him in his second term with fucking Ratbat
Lucas Red: Shockwave = McCain
Lucas Blue: Unicron = Dick Cheney
Lucas Red: damn
Lucas Red: if Bush goes into a meeting with Cheney and comes out voiced by Leonard Nimoy, we are FUCKED

Vaguely creative and artistically unfocused balderdash.