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  1. Hello from Jargon Chicago Magazine,

    We are a new online culture and style magazine focused on Chicago. We like to think that we successfully mix content with wit in our effort to explore all the unique characteristics of our city. However, we need help. We need people with more interests, in more neighborhoods, and with more perspectives on the City.

    We are interested in your art. We would like to invite you both to contribute art and articles on art and art communities in the city.

    We can’t offer any kind of compensation at this time (because we aren’t making a profit at the moment). But we are in the middle of a PR/marketing campaign that should change that, and paying our writers will be one of our first priorities. However, we think that writing for us will be a fun experience despite the lack of compensation, and it’s one more way to get your voice out to people on the Internet.

    The Editors
    Jargon Chicago Magazine

  2. I wouldn’t ordinarily let the above through as a public comment, but I thought it was very funny that this particular post was the one to receive it.

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