Hello, children.

Daddy has been very bad. He was caught in the middle of a bad act and the good people came and took him away for awhile. He came back and was better, but still bad, so the good people came and took him away again. They still have him. I don’t know where he is. In any event, thanks to the fine folks over there at Blogger.com, I can just plug in exactly the interface that I was trying for months to come up with. You see, it already existed. It has long been my policy not to bother writing code myself when such code already exists, but I did not know of the existence of this Blogger service, and so I wasted hours trying to come up with a sophisticated series of macros to make updating the Daily Hey easy and fun instead of excruciatingly painful and mind-numbingly dull. Better yet, I’ll be able to update it when I’m, like, bored at work or something. Not that I don’t have enough to do at work, if you are my supervisor who is reading this!

I shall post again in a few minutes, to test the capabilities of this system to support an image – not just any image, but my ugly mug. Stay tuned! (Stay tuned I say, knowing that the number of hits between now and then will be exactly and possibly less than zero.)

Vaguely creative and artistically unfocused balderdash.