Don’t read my mind

Don’t read my mind. If it makes you feel better, I can tell you what I’m thinking.

Don’t read my mind. But it’s not like I’m nervous; you’re no telepath, it’s true.

And if you read my mind, you’ll find I’m finely guarded ? I’ve reinforced my skull with an alarming peace of mind.

Try to read my mind. You’ll try, but my defenses will hamper your best efforts and will render them unfruitful.

And if you read my mind (and read this to imply: for one to read my mind, one must really, really try) ?

If you read my mind, well, I’m afraid you’ll find ? you’ll find I’m not afraid, not afraid you’ll read my mind.

You’ll try ? try, try again, but you won’t break through, I won’t let you see where my thoughts have been.

Read my mind if you intend, the results won’t satisfy you, you will have to try again.

Don’t read my mind. No.

Don’t read my mind.

Daily Hey Magic Number: 97

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