Feedback whore

All right.

I am a total slut for commentary on my individual articles and my site in general. I have not been getting too much feedback from you, my adoring readers. Perhaps you are confused, because there are so many options available. Let’s run through them together.

  1. If you answer the poll on the left side of the page, you will find there is a window in which you can leave comments. Use this space to enter witty anonymous things about the nature of the poll that everyone can read. Also you may type things such as “Frig My Big Pig Wig”, which someone actually wrote.
  2. Beneath the poll, you may have noticed an email form. Fill that with your name and email address and tell me what you’re thinking. It doesn’t even have to be about the website. Maybe you just want a pen pal. Maybe you need advice on your love life. Maybe you want to give me a stern talking-to. Fill out the form and send it. I reserve the right to quote you in an article if you are entertaining and if I otherwise run out of ideas.
  3. The Comments link at the bottom of each article. Here is your chance to respond to what I have just written. Agree? Disagree? Am I mistaken? Can you clarify something? Can I get a “hell yeah”? If you post a comment, I am likely to repsond with a comment, and everybody will get to read our conversation, and it will be very entertaining for all parties involved.
  4. My guestbook. Sign in here, and tell me your general thoughts on the site, or of any one part of it. Then, read what other people have written! It’s a community!
  5. Finally, my Delphi forum. I don’t envision this as being about the site at all, but rather as a community where conversations can be enjoyed and online friendships can flourish. Membership to Delphi is free, and the pop-up ads are minimal. Your posts can include HTML formatting, and it is very easy to post pictures and things. Also, there are more polls! And you can create your own. What could be better?

Only by working together can we open the avenues of communication and bring the world together as one. And if we do not, my friends, then the terrorists have already won.

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