Those of you who know me well will have no trouble remembering two of my favorite things: reality television and camgirls. I like reality television so much that I auditioned for Survivor; I like camgirls so much that I have become one. Look at me! I’m pretty! Send money! Ahem.

It is in the spirit of chocolate-meets-peanut butter excitement that I have made a donation to the prize pot at Survivorcam 2, a game in which various persons with webcams compete in tribes and vote each other off and all the rest. I have found the antics of the contestants and the judges very entertaining throughout the game, and I felt it was the least I could do to add a little more money to the pot. (Also, the promise of a link to my page was something a PR savant like myself could not pass up. Hi, strange visitors!) At this point, there are two contestants left: Livian and Rhiannon, both of whom are actually named Rhiannon. In fact, a third player named Rhiannon was in the game, but was voted out fairly early on. If the world of webcams is anything to go by, “Rhiannon” is perhaps the third most popular name in the world. I am really starting to like the name “Rhiannon”. In fact, I may change my own name to “Rhiannon”. Of course, then I would have to change the name of my website to “The Rhiubus” and damn it, but that’s just not as catchy.

But I digress. Go Rhiannon(s)!

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