7 thoughts on “Spirits plunge”

  1. Looks like you had serious male pattern badness in high school. Have you been wearing a toupee the entire time I’ve known you?

  2. I wasn’t balding. I merely had (and have) a major hairline-affecting cowlick. And the strip is technically taking place in junior high. So, yes, I’ve been wearing a toupee as long as you’ve known me. Although since you didn’t leave a name, I don’t know whether I know you or not.

    (Is it the high forehead or the white stubbly area on top of the head that creates the balding look?)

  3. What, you couldn’t tell that was me from my writing style?

    It’s the white stubbly area that kinda looks like you’re bald, although I realize male pattern baldness usually starts farther back on the head. But then, compared to what’s-her-name and her pom-pom hat, anyone would look bald! — Jim

  4. I had my suspicions. Did you have to register in order to leave your name? Is there a name field when you’re not logged in? I think there may a bug.

    My character models are ever evolving.

  5. Yes, there’s no name field when you’re not logged in. If I recall correctly, under “Leave a Reply,” what it says is…

    Logged in as .

    So I think that might be a bug.

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