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It’s the little things that aren’t big

Recently I have been noticing, more than usual, the little things.

For example, this morning I was drinking a bottle of iced tea. When it was down to about a third full, I took it up to the drinking fountain and filled it up with water. Just shake it, and it’s a full bottle of iced tea! Just like Mom used to make.

A few hours later, on my break, I sat down with a small carton of chocolate milk, and as I drank it, I could feel the cold liquid against my internal organs as it ran down through my esophagus. Heebie-jeebies!

This afternoon, I checked some books out to a man who then put his library card back in his wallet. He then went to put his wallet in his hip pocket, but he somehow missed and sent the wallet flying several feet to his left. Somehow my mind added a slide whistle sound effect as it happened. Zweeooweep! I laughed so abruptly that I shot a snot onto my shirt.

It’s the little things that aren’t big.