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Board up

Back in the early fall of 1999 I took the Metra commuter train to work every day. I liked to sit on the upper level, because really, how often does one encounter public transportation that has an upper level? Not very.

One day, I glanced to the level below and saw a very attractive girl. As I was hidden from her view, I figured it would be safe, so I immediately whipped out my… SKETCHBOOK! (Pervert.) Anyway, I drew her like so:

metra girl

She did look a bit like Laetitia Casta, now that I think about it. Only she was kind of sweaty. I didn’t draw the sweat.

Done up

This drawing has been in the top corner rotation for a while, but I have recently altered it.


The drawing is based on my friend Karen’s senior portrait. Karen is one of my few friends from high school with whom I continue to stay in touch. She is, in fact, currently aware of the existence of this drawing. I think.

Buddy up

Here’s another pencil drawing I made I few years ago, of a pair of women, possibly with mischief on their minds.

she and her

In the interest of full disclosure, these characters also had complete bodies at one time. However, they were very poorly drawn and so I opted to cut them from the picture. You have an issue with that, you go take it up with my attorney.

Belly up

I am pleased with this pencil drawing I made of a lady’s midsection:

arms and stomach

She had boobs, but I cropped them out of the picture. This is a family website.

Pencil thin tie

It’s been a while since I posted a drawing for you folks, so I figured I’d dig around and find one. Unfortunately, my graphics tablet is on the fritz, and it’ll be a long time before I save up enough pennies to buy me one of these dealies. So I do not have anything inked and colored and cleaned up real nice. All I have for you is raw pencils. Consider this an “unplugged” version of one of my drawings, although it should be noted that the scanner was in fact plugged in, as is this very computer.

I call him Anton. Or possibly Chip.

See? I DO draw males!

Straight from the sketchbook to the scanner to the graphics tablet to Photoshop to you!

This is Molly.

Molly is very enthusiastic about something or other. And wouldn’t you be, if the only shadow on your body was underneath your chin?

Draw, draw, siss boom bah

Another drawing for you.

This is Mary.

Mary has experimental eyebags. Like Walter Mondale.

Draw on, silver girl

This is Ann. Ann is actually a real person,
although she isn’t anyone I’ve ever met.

I know, I know… hair is never actually that color. Artistic license!

Another drawing

Because I am so gosh darned creative, and because I cannot for the life of me think of anything to write, I am posting another drawing.

fuzzy purple sweater?
This is Greta.

Contrary to popular thought, I also draw pictures of girls when I *do* have a girlfriend.


I would be remiss if I neglected to share any of the art I am working on. Drawing is fun, after all.

This is Hildy.

No, I don’t know where her other arm is either.