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Picked a fine time to leave me

More drawingsy goodness:

This is Lucille.

Lucille and her sister Deb (with whom the more astute Lucubus visitors may already be familiar) comprise two of the main characters of my giant science fiction opus which will probably never be written, let alone drawn, because I’ll just NEVER get anything done with THIS attitude.

Curl up

Sometimes when I’m inking and coloring my drawings I experiment with letting some pencilled areas show through.

This is Gina.

It’s an interesting effect, but it makes her hair look like a wig of bubbling slime, or perhaps a large, viscous blob of ochre gelatin.

Daily Hey Magic Number: 28

Board up

Back in the early fall of 1999 I took the Metra commuter train to work every day. I liked to sit on the upper level, because really, how often does one encounter public transportation that has an upper level? Not very.

One day, I glanced to the level below and saw a very attractive girl. As I was hidden from her view, I figured it would be safe, so I immediately whipped out my… SKETCHBOOK! (Pervert.) Anyway, I drew her like so:

metra girl

She did look a bit like Laetitia Casta, now that I think about it. Only she was kind of sweaty. I didn’t draw the sweat.

Done up

This drawing has been in the top corner rotation for a while, but I have recently altered it.


The drawing is based on my friend Karen’s senior portrait. Karen is one of my few friends from high school with whom I continue to stay in touch. She is, in fact, currently aware of the existence of this drawing. I think.