Other people’s characters

I recently drew a comic strip that featured characters that are not mine. Neither are these two:

hungry for adventure

Who are they? That’s up to you to determine, dear readers! First correct guess wins an advance copy of my new novel A Bit of the Shist due to drop in Fall 2006 from Arbitrary Building Press. It’s a saucy, sweet coming-of-age drama set in Victorian London.

Pre-order today! Critics are still praising my last novel, Tutti:

“Yes! There are over fifty thousand words in this book!”
—Richard Oppenheimer, National Novel-Writing Monthly

“If you wrote an ending to this book, I would read it!”
—Vince Vincent, Federated Book Inspection Weekly

“[The dialogue and characters are not] awful!”
—Lee German Suchy, Book Magazine Journal Report

6 thoughts on “Other people’s characters”

  1. I think these characters are your two brothers, created by your mom and dad (but mostly by your mom).

  2. Clearly that is a teenage Franklin Richards on the left, and Logan/Wolverine on the right, unaged thanks to the famous healing factor.

    This is from a possible future storyline where Franklin, technically a mutant, has been enrolled in Xavier’s academy. Charles Xavier has been working to remove the mental blocks placed on Franklin’s omnipotence during his childhood by Reed Richards, and although much progress has been made in restoring his powers, Prof. X has found it necessary to create another block as a safety mechanism, rendering Franklin unable to feed himself. When Frankllin’s blood sugar drops, his powers are severely dampened.

    Logan is taking Franklin into town for a milkshake, when he spies Modok approaching on a fancy scooter.

  3. Franklin and Logan don’t look anything like Ryan and Tim, either, who are the characters depicted here.

    Okay, well, Logan and Tim do share a resemblance.

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