Fat dance

In honor of my friend Rich, whom I found on Friendster last week: a Poison cover.

Unskinny Bop [MP3, 2.9MB]

This was recorded during my freshman year at college at one of my dorm’s quarterly “coffeehouse” events. This recording is ten years old! Accompanying me on the guitar is my older brother John. I may have been holding a guitar for show, but I don’t believe I made any kind of noise with it.

Fun things to listen for:

  • Is my voice cracking, or am I singing out of my range? Stop! You’re right twice!
  • Guess which line I forgot!
  • Try to find the exact moment of the song where the crowd loses interest in singing along!

One thought on “Fat dance”

  1. Ah. I’m still being associated with hair metal. Couldn’t you have name checked Nic instead? Regardless, it’s very nice to be remembered.

    * I think the cracking of the voice brings a certain urgency to the performance.
    * “You got too many bees in your honey”. I feel kind of good that I had to look that up.
    * A little during the bridge, maybe halfway through the chorus

    I’ve been checking out the site a lot recently – going through the “Hot Uncensored Chat” portion has provided many laughs. And thanks for the link back to my site.

    Hope all is well with you and your family.

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