Continually concussed

Here’s a treat.

I recently found an old VHS copy of a video my band Happy Panic shot for one of our songs. I believe the intent was that we would enter a Conan O’Brien related college band contest by submitting this video. We did not win. Or if we did, no one in the band told me and I missed the trip to New York.

Everybody singing. That’s me on the right.

Instrumental break. That is still me on the right. It is really remarkable that I did not get more girls when I was in a rock band with fancy cornet moves like that.

Here’s the video, in its entirety, recorded live without a drummer in one of Northwestern University’s film studios. Watch for Vince to wing a tennis ball at the camera towards the beginning.

I’m Always Getting Hit in the Head [WMV, 3.9 MB]

6 thoughts on “Continually concussed”

  1. Didn’t the tape never actually get sent to Conan?

    Now that I think about it, they haven’t done their “College Band Search” contest in a few years. Now that Conan’s so popular, I guess, they don’t need to have unknown college bands on the show anymore.

  2. What happened to the drummer? Did he get held up by a bizarre gardening accident?

  3. I guess now I know who I lent my VHS copy of that video to. I knew I shoulda put my name on anything I lend to Lucas!

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