You know what you have to do

This is a Bush supporter:

lots of weapons

Or it could be an ironic “Bush supporter”. The answer cannot be determined from the evidence given.

It occurs to me that I first started writing in this blog four years ago, around the time of the last election. That’s a pretty long time. That’s an entire illegitimate presidency right there.

Tomorrow is Election Day. Go vote for John Kerry. Be sure to double-check your ballot, especially if you are using touch-screen voting machines. And if you’re in Illinois, vote for Barack Obama. (If you’re in Illinois, you were probably already planning to do that.)

Our long national nightmare is nearly over.

2 thoughts on “You know what you have to do”

  1. I voted in a swing state. I was an active participant in the process of democracy. I believe that Bush carried Hamilton Co. though, perhaps one of the most populous counties in all of the nation that Bush won.

  2. Lucas–
    Do you have any interest in drawing a political cartoon that’s been bouncing around my brain all morning?

    I couldn’t find your email address today, so this was the best I could do.


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