Mock up

Here’s a number that I wrote and recorded several years ago with help from my younger brother Tim and mixed very poorly without help from anyone. Words, vocals, and keyboards by me; drums, bass, and backing vocals by Tim. It is a song about the perils of dishonesty.

Some Things Are Fake [MP3, 1.2 MB]

Some things are fake
Some fakes are misconceptions
Some things I say
Are lies or misdirections
I tend to say
Whatever makes her happy
‘Cause if I don’t
Then the results are crappy
As a result
I don’t know when I’m honest
And soon I’ll need
To see an orthodontist
Her fire eyes
Will burn a hole in my lies
And they will see
The lying side of me

It gets so hard sometimes to verify veracity
It gets so very very hard

Some things are fake
This face is double-sided
Led to the things that I did
And how I coped
Went to the plastic surgeon
To fix my face
But I came out a virgin
With two for two
I’m a prosthetic person
Can’t feel all
My problems start to worsen
These plastic eyes
And hips and shoulders and thighs
Just underscore
All that I said before

It gets so hard sometimes to verify veracity
The truth is very very hard sometimes to verify

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