This evening, after I came home from work, I fell asleep on my couch. This is not at all unusual, as those of you who know me well know well. However, when I woke up earlier tonight, my left shoulder was extremely tender, and in fact, it hurts a great deal to raise my arm. I figure I probably slept on my arm wrong, but it has now been several hours since I woke up, and the shoulder still hurts just as much now as it did then. Could the shoulder pain, I wonder, have anything to do with the eight-inch spike sticking out of it? I mean, I swear that was there earlier, and it didn’t hurt then. Maybe it’s one of those delayed reaction type of things, like those fireworks they shoot off on the fourth of July that just go up and kind of peter out, until everyone is no longer paying attention to them, at which time they go “KABLAM!” or something to that effect and make everyone jump and involuntarily move their bowels. Or maybe it’s less like that and more like something else. All I know is that my damned shoulder hurts.

Also afflicting me but in a different way is the fact that I am one of those poor souls who is operating with a hard drive that is 99.9% full. Only the barest minimum of system resources is available to keep my computer functioning. I actually have two computers with a total of four hard drives between them, and every single drive is nearly full. For some reason, I find myself unable to depart with, for example, those digitized episodes of “The Tick” that I haven’t watched yet and continue to keep on my hard drive no doubt in violation of some copyright law or other. So I am in the market for a new hard drive. Something like, oh, eighty gigs should suffice.

Still, it won’t make that pain in my shoulder go away. That is what whiskey is for.

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